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The Grief Process

We are here for you throughout the grief process. Whether it is helping yourself heal or reaching out to a friend or a child coping with loss, we hope this section of our website will be helpful for you.

As always, if you prefer to speak to someone directly, please contact us.

Unexpected Death
The sudden death of a loved one is especially traumatic. These guidelines will help in dealing with the complex emotions of grieving the sudden loss of someone dear.
5 Stages of Grief
Instead of seeing grief as a set of stages, this article promotes the idea that bereavement is a fluid process defined by emotional fluctuations that ease over time.
Start a Grief Journal
This article is an overview of using journal writing as a healing tool in your bereavement and includes tips and ideas to get you started.
The Bereavement Journey
We know it's difficult to find your way through the grieving process. Read this article to discover the major signposts which mark your passage through bereavement.
Healing From Grief
Reconciling your grief will not happen quickly but you can actively support the grieving process. Our suggestions will guide you. The death of someone loved changes your life forever, yet you can heal.