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Questions to Ask

Today's families are guided in their conversations about cremation by different factors: their spiritual beliefs, finances, and lifestyle all play a part in making this decision. And naturally, weighing the options goes beyond acknowledging those factors; it requires knowing specific facts related to not only to cremation costs but also to crematory policies and procedures.

When it comes to selecting a cremation services provider, we urge you to do your due diligence. You will want to ask questions and accurately record all responses given.

Cremation Questions

The time you spend in investigation will help you and the family members involved in the decision-making process to come to the best, most responsible arrangement regarding cremation.

Question about the Crematory

  • How much does a simple cremation cost?
  • What services does that fee include?
  • Do you operate a crematory?
  • If so, where is it located?
  • If not, what crematory does your firm use, and what is its location?
  • How often do they inspect that facility?
  • What liability insurance coverage does the crematory have?
  • Are all business licenses and operational permits current?
  • How many operators work in the crematory?
  • What licenses and/or certifications does each of them hold?
  • Is it possible for me, or a member of my family, to tour/inspect the crematory facility?
  • What are your chain of custody and verification processes?
  • What is their disposal policy/procedure for pacemakers or prosthetics (such as artificial knees or hips)?

Questions about the Care of Your Family Member

  • Where will the body go after it is removed from the place of death?
  • Will the crematory need to hold the body prior to cremation?
  • Does the crematory provide refrigeration services?
  • Is it possible for family member(s) to witness the cremation?
  • When will my family member's cremated remains become available to us?
  • How long will they safeguard the cremated remains after the cremation is performed?
  • Can they provide authentic, verifiable testimonials from – or references from – families they served?

When you're faced with the death or imminent death of a beloved family member, strong emotions usually rule the day. So much so that we often advise all family members to share this task (either among themselves, or with the assistance of close friends); that way the responsible family member doesn't carry the full burden. If you, or anyone else you've enlisted to help in the search for a trusted cremation services provider needs assistance or guidance, we're here to serve. Simply call us at 613-389-7223.