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Preparing For The Memorial

While there is a lot to do when planning a memorial for a loved one, Simpler Times Kingston can take care of any of the details involved in bringing your plans to reality. In this section, we have practical information about how to write an obituary and how to write a eulogy. We've also included tips on funeral etiquette - those essential social graces that make such an occasion bearable. Our FAQ section may have the exact answers you need but if not, we invite you to call us.


After Cremation
Discover what to expect after a family member's cremation and learn about the many ways you can pay tribute to a loved one with a memorial service or remembrance ceremony.
Memorial Service Checklist
Are your family members and friends thinking of holding a memorial service in tribute to your loved one? Our memorial service checklist will help guide you in creating a meaningful and memorable remembrance ceremony.
How to Write an Obituary
An obituary serves as notification that an individual has died but it can be far more than that. Our guidelines will help you to write a well-crafted obituary.
How to Write a Eulogy
Writing a eulogy is a way of paying tribute to a loved one’s memory. It can be a challenge though to write and to deliver. Our tips can help.
Memorial Etiquette
We have the experience and can offer guidance on such questions as what to wear, say, or do at memorial services.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have any questions? We’ve listed the most common ones and provided honest answers to each. If yours isn’t listed here, we invite you to call us.