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Cremation Services for Veterans

When it comes time to say a final good-bye to a veteran, many area residents turn to us to provide them with affordable, respectful, and deeply meaningful cremation services for veterans. This page was written for anyone inquiring about veterans' cremation and veterans' cremation benefits.

Do you need trusted veterans' cremation services immediately? Then please call us at 613-389-7223. Following a brief conversation, we will be able to obtain all the information from you that we need to take responsibility for your loved one's physical remains and make all necessary arrangements for the cremation.

If you are interested in making pre-need cremation plans for yourself or on behalf of a veteran in your family, we suggest you also read Pre-Planning Cremation as well as Cremation Costs or any of the other resources listed on the Cremation Services page.

Veterans' Cremation Services

After reading the information about costs and services, you and your family can begin to select the most appropriate veterans' cremation services by using our exclusive My Final Wishes Selector™, which accurately reflects the current costs listed in our General Price List of services and related products.

Our experienced veterans' cremation services specialists are well-acquainted with the processes involved in claiming veterans death and burial benefits from the related government agencies. If your veteran was a member of the armed services in the United States, we fully understand the eligibility requirements and stipulated cremation-related benefits of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the burial benefits available through the National Cemetery Administration. We can provide the assistance you need to secure those death and burial benefits your veteran is entitled to receive through exemplary service. These benefits may include:

  • Reimbursement of a portion of paid cremation services fees
  • A complimentary headstone or marker
  • A burial flag
  • Issuance of a Presidential Memorial Certificate

Our staff members will work closely with your family to make all arrangements for a military service and burial of the cremated remains within the grounds of a state or national veterans' cemetery.

Under the current guidelines found on the Department of Veterans Affairs website, the Veterans Administration will pay for any burial or funeral expenses on a reimbursement basis. This means your family (with our assistance should you need it) will need to submit any related receipts along with the completed application for reimbursement. Currently, the burial allowance for a non-service-connected death is $300; and $2,000 for a death which can be directly connected to active military service. (Visit the Compensation page to learn more about eligibility and evidence requirements as well as a list of the evidence required as part of the application process. If you'd rather take care of applying for death and burial benefits privately, you should know your family is also able to apply for these benefits using the VA's eBenefits portal.)

According to the Veterans Affairs Canada webpage, "Funeral and Burial Assistance", the federal government assumed all responsibility for the burial of those members of the Canadian Armed Forces who either died during battle or died at a later point as a result of the injuries incurred during their term of service. However, in the years that followed WWII and the Korean War, burial benefits were broadened to allow for those veterans who died indigent and unable to pay for a respectful funeral service and burial. Canadian families of veterans who wish to learn more about the death and burial benefits available to those who are generally-discharged would benefit from reading The Veterans Affairs Canada webpage, "Funeral and Burial Assistance", as well as a visit to the Last Post Fund FAQ webpage.

Acknowledge the Qualities of a Good Soldier

General George S. Patton, Jr. once said, "The soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country”. Our veterans recognize military service is both a privilege and a duty but, they also realize the tasks of soldiering must be done with the highest degree of professionalism. In providing exemplary cremation services for veterans, we acknowledge the moral fortitude, personal dedication to service, and fundamental military character of the good soldier.

"What are the personal characteristics of a good soldier?" In the 1987 Strategic Studies Institute paper, "Defining Military Character", authors Philip Lewis, Karl Kuhnert, and Robert Maginnis argue military personnel realize the importance of upholding..."the military virtues of loyalty (to one's unit and to the nation), personal responsibility and selfless service." As an example of a good soldier, the authors cited the exemplary service of Second Lieutenant Cleo W. Buxton, who served with the 34th Infantry Division during World War II; and ultimately proposed that good soldiers are "persons of maturity, vision, character and integrity", who find it not only rewarding to "be part of the shared commitment and mutual respect of a good combat unit"; but strive (often throughout their post-service lifetime) to be "able to live by good military values in those rare situations where there are pressures to betray those values." In short, our veterans are dedicated to service, tested under often harsh conditions, and prove steadfast and true.

Learn More about Our Cremation Services

Just as General Patton described it as being both an obligation and a privilege to serve one's country, each of our staff members believes it is his or her social obligation and personal privilege to provide our community with the finest possible cremation services for veterans. We encourage you to contact us by phone or email to learn more about our firm's veterans' cremation services. Remember, if yours is an immediate need, we urge you to call us directly at 613-389-7223.