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Our funeral home is dedicated to providing families with affordable burial and cremation services, as well as exceptional memorial services and uniquely personal celebrations of life.
About Us
     What is Simpler Times?
     Code of Ethics
     Our Staff
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     Obituaries & Commemorations
          Current Services
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          Fallen Heroes Wall
          Veterans Memorial Wall
Cremation Planning
     Understanding Cremation
          Why Cremation is Preferred
          The Crematory
          The Cremation Process
          History of Cremation
          Frequently-Asked Questions
          How to Scatter Ashes
     Cremation Services
          How to Begin
          Cremation Costs
          Celebrating a Life
          Memories Forever
          Cremation Services for Veterans
     Pre-Planning Cremation
     Questions to Ask
     Cremation Products
          Cremation Containers
          Cremation Urns
               Wooden Urns
               Marble Urns
               Ceramic Urns
               Bronze Urns
               Cloisonné Urns
               Metal Urns
               Scattering Urns
          Cremation Vaults
               Bronze Cremation Vaults
               Copper Cremation Vaults
               Stainless Steel Vaults
               Fiberglass Cremation Vaults
               Lined Cremation Vaults
               Concrete Cremation Vaults
          Memorial Stationery
               Register Books
               Thank You Cards
               Laminated Cards
          Keepsakes & Memorial Jewelry
               Keepsake Jewelry
               Personalized Items
          Making a Purchase Online
     Preparing For The Memorial
          After Cremation
          Memorial Service Checklist
          How to Write an Obituary
          How to Write a Eulogy
          Memorial Etiquette
          Frequently Asked Questions
          Order Flowers
Arrange Online
     Immediate Need
          When Death Occurs
          Are You the Next of Kin?
          Online At-Need Planning
          About Funeral Planning
          Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning
          Pre-Planning Checklist
          Pre-Plan Online
          Organ Donation
     Need Assistance?
Grief Resources
     Before and After Death
          Who You Should Call First
          How to Tell Family Members
     Understanding Grief
          How We Grieve
          Don't Rush The Grieving Process
          Bereavement and Learning
          Grieving and Family Dynamics
          How to Explain Cremation to a Child
          Why Do We Grieve?
          Living With Grief
          Grief Counselling
     The Grief Process
          Unexpected Death
          5 Stages of Grief
          Start a Grief Journal
          The Bereavement Journey
          Healing From Grief
     Need Assistance
          Contact Us
     Downloadable Grief Resources
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