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Code of Ethics

Everyone involved in providing your family with funeral services is guided by a strict code of ethics. Families who turn to us want and need to know our ethical standards.

The value of ethical behavior is critically important but the existence (or lack thereof) of ethical standards only becomes evident when an individual or group falls short of what is expected. The dictionary defines 'ethics' in four ways but for our purposes, the word describes, "The rules of conduct in respect to a particular class of human interactions or a particular group," and "with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions."

Operating under a strict code of ethics governing funeral services is of paramount importance.

We're Governed by the Highest Ethical Standards

The Cremation Association of North America provides its members with a five point Code of Cremation Practice; these acted as basic guidelines for the development of our firm's code of ethics:

  • The physical remains of the deceased will be handled with respect at all times. This means the body will always be clothed or otherwise covered, and individuals working around the deceased will conduct themselves in a quiet, well-mannered way.
  • The identity of the deceased will be verified and commonly known to the crematory operations staff. The individual's identity will also be verified prior to entering the cremation process by the individual family member responsible for the final care of the deceased (known as the authorizing agent) or the person assigned to handle such matters (commonly the licensed funeral director or certified crematory operator).
  • The physical remains will be handled in accordance with widely-accepted crematory practices as well as current governmental policies, rules, regulations, and laws governing mortuary and crematory operations.
  • The record of each cremation will be entered into the system in a timely way and in an organized manner.
  • All cremations will be performed by a certified crematory operator.
  • The staff of the crematory will be of the highest personal integrity and guided by professionalism at all times.
  • The crematory will provide continuing education and certification options to all staff members.
  • A written explanation of the cremation process must be provided to the individual responsible for authorizing the cremation. Any required legal documents will be thoroughly explained and copies will be provided for their files.
  • The responsible family member or designee will be told of their right to bear witness to the cremation process.
  • Any member of the public (including the family of the deceased) has the right to inspect our crematory.

We're very proud to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and in publishing our code of ethics, you are made more aware of the quality of care you, your family, and your deceased loved one will receive from us. Should you wish to explore the operational standards of our firm or any other crematory or cremation services provider, we ask that you read The Crematory and/or Questions to Ask. If you wish to arrange for a crematory inspection, please call us directly at 613-389-7223.