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How to Begin

It's very common to feel ill-at-ease when you're faced with making immediate need arrangements for a deceased family member. Even if you're making personal pre-need arrangements, it can be somewhat nerve-wracking. We're here to help. This page gives you the information you need to feel confident in taking this next step. 

Arrange Online

Simpler Times providers offer a variety of cremation service options through the Final Wishes Selector™ that range from direct cremation to cremation with a modernized visitation and service schedule. You select only the services and merchandise that you want.

Once you have built your customized package, it can be submitted directly to us, printed as a reference, and / or saved in the system to login at a future date to amend.

Arrangements are fully transferable to any Simpler Times provider and prepaying your arrangements can be done instantly online with verification and receipt; your funds will be held in trust in accordance with the strictest government regulatory requirements. Please note that payment for your final wishes is fully refundable should you wish to cancel at any time.

The Arrangement Conference

If you prefer a face-to-face meeting, we will sit down with you and ask the questions, share the stories, and explore the options available to you. All recommendations will be based on the wishes of your loved one and your budget. We can advise when asked but in the end, you will make the decisions and then leave the rest to us.

If your loved one has pre-arrangement plans with us or any other funeral firm – no matter the location – it’s helpful that you retrieve those plans for when we meet.

If you need further assistance or advice, please contact us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.  

About Cremation and Ceremony

Many families think that when they choose cremation services, there is no way they can hold a memorial service or remembrance service. This is simply not true. In fact, we strongly recommend that you hold a service of some type to help you and your loved ones in the healing process.

The first decision involves selecting the perfect location; you can choose to hold your ceremony in our beautiful chapel or elsewhere. Just let us know what you think would be best for all concerned.

Next, you may wish to inform your wider circle of family and friends of the event location, date, and time. We will help you spread the word through our print and online channels to bring your community together to commemorate your loved one’s life.

There are many options available to make it easier to bring cremation and ceremony together. We can provide you with any guidance you need or would like.

For more information, visit our section on "When Cremation is Preferred".