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Cremation Planning

This section of our website is intended to provide you and your family with valuable information you need to make the right cremation planning choices: what's involved in the cremation process, preparing for a memorial service, facts about pre-planning cremation, how to scatter ashes, and how today's families can use Memories Forever™ online memorials to pay tribute to a loved one.

We invite you to browse through these informative pages. If there's a topic on cremation planning that's not covered to your satisfaction, let us know. Call us at 613-389-7223.

Understanding Cremation
As more people look for alternatives to traditional funerals, the popularity of cremation has risen substantially over the past decade. This section provides an overview of the cremation process and answers to common questions.
Cremation Services
Find information about the services we provide in our community. Our experienced staff can help with the details to ensure your wishes are followed.
Pre-Planning Cremation
It's easy to make all your pre-need cremation arrangements online using the Simpler Times exclusive cremation pre-planning tool. You can even pay for all cremation services ahead of time.
Questions to Ask
Here are the specific questions to ask when speaking with a funeral director or cremation specialist regarding their crematory policies, procedures, and costs.
Cremation Products
Our extensive selection of cremation products includes beautiful memorial and tribute items; all have been specifically chosen to suit the needs of families today. We are pleased to offer merchandise ranging from the simplest of selections to some of the finest urn sculptures.
Preparing for the Memorial
We’re committed to taking care of all the details involved in bringing your loved one’s memorial plans to reality. This section contains various guidelines on the preparation.