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1020 Bayridge Dr, Unit 210
Phone: 613-389-7223
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The Crematory

The crematory we use is a thoroughly modern facility that includes energy-efficient technology to perform a complete cremation in approximately two hours. The cremated remains (thanks to modern processing equipment) are uniform in size and shape. We encourage you to call us at 613-389-7223 to arrange for a crematory inspection.

How to Inspect a Crematory

To support individuals and families in selecting the best crematory for their cremation needs, the Funeral Consumers Alliance advises individuals and families wishing to inspect local crematories as part of their due diligence activities to:

  • Check for overall cleanliness inside the cremation facility, the cremation unit itself (often called the retort), as well as the removal/pick-up vehicles used in transporting physical remains to the crematory
  • Ask the staff about the year, make, and model of the cremation unit(s). Does it feature environmental protection in the form of filters and air scrubbers? Is the retort (or retorts) energy-efficient?
  • Check the cleanliness of the refrigeration or body-storage facilities.

Other questions you should ask while you are inspecting a crematory can be found on the Questions to Ask page.

Call Us to Arrange for a Crematory Tour

We want you and your family to have complete trust in us. That requires us to be fully transparent in all things we do: our cremation processes and procedures, our facility and its operations, our personal and professional background(s), and our cremation costs. We encourage you to take the extra steps necessary to get to know our professionalism firsthand.

When you're ready to inspect our crematory facility, just contact us. We will be privileged to assist you in the inspection process and truly look forward to hearing from you.